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We are delighted to share testimonials from attendees who have participated in our program in previous years. Our 15-day intensive training program is designed to equip you with invaluable knowledge and skills to advance your career. Join us in revisiting the memorable moments and transformative learning experiences that have consistently made this program a success.

Testimonials from Canada and around the world:

from Canada:

Dr. Andrew Demarco

Great course! As a semi-recent graduate, it’s scary to know how much information is out there that dental schools don’t teach.  We could do so much better for the overall oral health of our patients if more people understood the Slavicek teachings. I look forward to bringing this information back to my practice and likely traveling to Vienna in search of more information about all the VieSID trainings

Bryan Stanesic RDT

Eye opening course on occlusion and its importance to the temporomandibular joint. The concept can be applied from equilibrating the occlusion, restoring a single crown to a full mouth rehabilitation with minimal adjustments on insert.  A truly remarkable program!

Dr. Marijana Kutlesa 

For me the core of the VieSID   curriculum experience stems from the incredible lecturers, Drs.  Parlett and Tester. Beyond their immense preparedness and professionalism, they shone with passion for understanding and teaching these ever-evolving topics in dentistry. Every day the attendees were greeted with energetic and enthusiastic attitudes.  It was a privilege to attend this comprehensive course that truly encapsulates the essence of dentistry.  The material presented in this course focuses on the foundation of all dentistry, so I would highly recommend it to all dentists. It is a transformative educational experience that will undoubtedly make you a better clinician.

Marek Durkalec RDT

As a Dental Technologist, I learned a great introduction to the Gamma system, understanding all the protocols leading from diagnostic wax ups to proper treatment planning. This was a very informative 15 days of information to be implemented in the dental laboratory when receiving cases from a dentist.

Dr. Harjit Gill

 VieSID Canada put a closure for me on occlusion after taking all the occlusion courses

Dr. Angela Arboleda, Mississauga, Ontario

“The VieSID Core Curriculum has been a truly invaluable learning experience. It has helped me to achieve a more precise diagnosis enabling me to offer more comprehensive treatment to my patients.”

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