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15-Day Hands-On Mini Residency

Mini Residency Program

Occlusion, Diagnosis,
Treatment Planning

Course Description

The 15-day hands-on Mini-Residency is our signature program. Graduates have a thorough understanding of the functional requirements of the masticatory system and its structural development. Our instructors emphasize the clinical skills, and instrumentation required to provide optimal treatment. You will learn to diagnose and plan everything from the simplest to the most complex cases with each therapy tailored to the individual patient. Better quality dentistry, happier patients and overall practice success are the result. 


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Course Breakdown


$12,500 CAD + HST (three separate instalments)

2024 Dates
VieSID Canada is the logical choice for all dentists looking to provide comprehensive dental care. This program is offered in Canada and is open to all dentists and dental technologists providing restorative and orthodontic care that are seeking hands-on teaching with individualized attention. Our class size is limited to 12 students to ensure an excellent learning environment with ample time to interact directly with our instructors.

Please note: a light lunch and breakfast are included daily.

Module A: February 8-12th, 2024
Module B: April 25-29th, 2024
Module C: June 6-10th, 2024
Equipment and Software

VieSID provides all handout material and necessary equipment for use during the course sessions, and a trial subscription to CADIAX/CADIAS software which will last for the length of the program.

Prior to the beginning of Module A all course participants will be asked to have two sets of upper and lower accurate casts fabricated with both upper casts split casted and one lower pinned. Details will be provided.

During the course days we will supply enough GAMMA Reference articulators, access to electronic condylography units, hinge axis transfer jigs, CPM’s, sundries and any other supplies necessary to complete the diagnosis. Initially participants will practice in pairs with fellow attendees to learn the procedures.
After successfully passing an examination at the end of the Module C participants receive an official diploma which is necessary to attend advanced VieSID programs in Prosthodontics and Orthodontics.
Organized by: VieSIDCanada®, in accordance with the program VieSID teaches in Vienna in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna and the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna. For more information contact

If you wish to purchase any equipment for your practice, we will assist you by providing the appropriate contacts. If you would like to research the equipment available, please visit

Module A

February 8-12th, 2024
  • Introduction to occlusal medicine
  • Cybernetic thinking in dentistry
  • CMS: craniomandibular system (ligaments, muscles, TMJ)
  • NMS: neuromuscular system (muscles, nerves, muscle palpation, neuro exams)
  • Case documentation: GAMMA document browser database software
  • Accurate impressions and casts, analogue and digital
  • Reference Position: the starting point for planning – how and why
  • Articulators and facebows
  • Instrumental analysis (static and dynamic) in the articulator/software
  • Occlusion and articulation
  • Additional clinical analysis
  • Anamnesis and occlusal index
  • Compensation and decompensation
  • Sample cases: how to phase treatment
  • Practice management: how to discuss comprehensive treatment and set a fair fee
Professor Dr Rudolph Slavicek

Module B

April 25-29th, 2024 
  • Functions of the Masticatory Organ
  • Hinge-Axis: what you need to know to about this critical element of treatment.
  • Clinical Instrumental Analysis
  • Condylographic Interpretation and live demonstration
  • Axis-Orbital System
  • Cephalometric Tracing
  • Cephalometric Analysis and Interpretation
  • Planning and sequencing the moderately complex case.

Module C

June 6-10th, 2024
  • Human evolution and its importance to everyday dental care
  • Functional geometry of occlusion
  • Functional wax-up Class I Initial therapy
  • Planning and sequencing the complex case: putting it all together


Please note: accommodation is not included in the program price. 


Courtyard Marriott Hamilton

The Courtyard by Marriott Hamilton Ontario offers spacious rooms with free Wi-Fi and wired internet
1224 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9C 3B1
Phone: 1-905-383-7772

The Barracks Inn

The Barracks Inn is a century stone building featuring 18 luxuriously appointed suites. Each of our deluxe suites offers a subtle blend of unique period décor and modern in-room technologies.
425 Wilson Street East Ancaster, Ontario Canada, L9G 2C4
Toll Free: 1-844-356-4211
Phone: 289-445-1234

The core curriculum will be held at Southern Ontario Dental College in Ancaster, Ontario. This facility is a Dental hygiene and assisting school and offers excellent facilities for post-graduate education in Dentistry.  

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We are delighted to share testimonials from attendees who have participated in our program in previous years. Our 15-day intensive training program is designed to equip you with invaluable knowledge and skills to advance your career. Join us in revisiting the memorable moments and transformative learning experiences that have consistently made this program a success.


Private Workshops

We also offer a variety of VieSID Canada day, half day and evening lectures for dental organizations. These lectures will introduce the concepts taught by VieSID and focus on practical day to day tips and tricks. If you would like to have us present to your group, please contact us!

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